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So after a long absence and a well deserved four day vacation, I am showered and settled back from my convention! A-Kon is a Texas based convention that is the longest running in North America that is usually in Dallas, but was moved to Ft. Worth early for a few unfortunate reasons ^^;
To be honest, the venue sucked
It's hard to move from the beautiful Hilton Anatole to the convention center where your graduation was held at! Not to mention the events were spread over several hotels you needed to walk to and fro and Texas is hot hot hot!!

:skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock :skyblue-orb: by kayosa-stock YURI!!! ON ICE 
I didn't intend to cosplay Yuuri Katsuki all weekend, but it just happened to fall that way and I'm so happy that I did! I was supposed to do Christophe Giacometti, but after getting Arda Wigs to create a completely new style for a color, coordinating their manufacturing and ordering a second wig (since I would be making a dual-tone splice) didn't give me enough time to get him finished. Yuuri, however, I didn't even bring since he's not in my cosplans aside from me having a perfect canon replica of his glasses ended up coming out right before we left to go shopping.
We had so much fun as Viktor and Yuuri and had our picture taken so many times I was completely blown away! Even a professional photographer stopped us to snag a fantastic photo. Cosplaying Viktuuri was just meant to be! After my moirailsprit absolutely fell in love with the wig I cut and styled for her, the Friday of con, OddLittleBug managed to find someone local who was selling a full Viktor cosplay and happened to be at the con to deliver it to her!! On top of a crazy rush to find a place to buy them, we were the only Viktuuri that had their rings!
Snapchat-2067304496 by MariusOfTheSea  Snapchat-164758863 by MariusOfTheSea  Screenshot 20170610-232752 by MariusOfTheSea  Snapchat-1261649605 by MariusOfTheSea
There was an obscene amount of merch there and I am fairly pleased with what all I got! AnimeFest, another local Texas con, gave us so much free merch for taking cosplay photos at their booth!!! We each got five pieces of rare, exclusive merch, mainly acrylic charms and special pins! FOR FREE.
I had a bit of bad luck with Mystery Grab Bags and ended up getting the only character I hate from YOI in all of them: Minami. Thoroughly burned, I decided that I would give all the charms I got to Minamis I found. I made the con for two people this way! One was a younger guy who was cosplaying Minami and you could tell he tried VERY hard on his cosplay, and when I gave him to key chains he cried and hugged me. Then, I was talking with the Arda booth and they told me there was a girl with an Ita bag that was a shrine for Minami; I vowed I would find them to give them my Minami stuff! We went to a meet up and I saw a Minami right before I had to step out and quietly snuck over in the middle of the panel to give a little cushion pin. When I was able to come back, the Minami was talking about how some Yuuri gave them a pin and they didn't know who or why. TURNS OUT IT WAS THE MINAMI WITH THE ITA BAG I WAS HUNTING FOR. I waved and introduced myself and explained why I was handing out Minami merch, and upon hearing that I had been hunting for JJ and Chris merch, they gave me a mini JJ acrylic charm in his pink cat hoodie!!! Eeek!!! ((Subsequently I gave it to OddLittleBug because that is her bae)). We were given a LOT of JJ things since no one likes him XD

:DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock HOMESTUCK
We didn't really plan to cosplay Homestuck for A-Kon, but it's so hard not to when you are resident cosplayers ((meaning we are known in the con community for our cosplays!)). Most recognizably, we do Cronus and Kankri and are known as that Cronus and Kanki and boy do people eat it up when we are in our roles!! I actually ended up repainting my Cronus horns the morning I wore him --in the process of greying-- after 3 long years of having banded horns, to match the ones I made OddLittleBug. In addition to that, we also quickly threw on Dave and Karkat just to go to a panel in the middle of the night! The panel ended up being Homestuck!Jeopardy, and I was one of the ones selected from the crowd to play! After earning my spot by correctly answering the entry question and a very DIFFICULT game ((Which I won't say much on since I don't have much that is nice)) I took second place and won some neat prizes!
Screenshot 20170612-160848 by MariusOfTheSea  Screenshot 20170612-160857 by MariusOfTheSea  Screenshot 20170612-160853 by MariusOfTheSea  Screenshot 20170612-160918 by MariusOfTheSea
Saturday was our only full Homestuck day so we made a valid effort to hit up plenty of panels! The main one we went to ended up being a disaster since the person running the panel bailed. Unable to sit back and watch my fandom dissolve into chaos, I --with my loud, con silencing voice -- spoke over all the ruckus and became the unofficial leader of the meet-up! I made everyone line-up, pick up their trash, and organized Homestucks into and obedient, manageable horde. This is no easy feat, and con staff kind of just looked at me like damn. ((I've conned long enough to know how they like things ran and what does and does not fly with hotel regulations)). Being in a fandom that is so large and has such a bad reputation, OddLittleBug and I try single-handedly to salvage and set a good example to follow. We ended up having a ton of fun once we got everything under control, and met a few Homestucks that were at our fandom tier level. They even gave us some glowsticks and we played Beanboozled.
After this experience, OddLittleBug and I have no doubts about hosting a panel!!! We have talked about this for years and now know we are capable of doing it!! I might try and set up a panel on open chest binding; I saw entirely too many people walking around in nude bras. That, or on properly body painting!! It streaks so badly if you don't know what you're doing!

:Silver-orb: by kayosa-stock :Silver-orb: by kayosa-stock :Silver-orb: by kayosa-stock MISCELLANEOUS AND CON HAUL!
Despite the venue sucking, parking being a NIGHTMARE ((aside from some lovely working men that gave us both their parking space and their receipt)), we had a TON of fun!! Artist Alley was lit and I actually bought stuff from the Dealer's Room; Surprisingly I got more official merch than unofficial merch. Probably one of the BIGGEST things we bought was a CUSTOM MODDED DOLL!! It was made to be genderless, so the body is completely unique. I bought it for OddLittleBug on the last day and I cannot WAIT to see her turn it into Wem!!! 
20170612 182707 by MariusOfTheSea
Con Haul: A new RENDR, Viktuuri Doujin and the two canon manga "Days on Ice" ((all of which I'm working on translating!!)), a slew of YOI acrylic charms and buttons, the JJ letter charm to match my Chrisu one ((which was THE ONLY THING I wanted this con and the moirailsprit got it for me!! I gave her my Seung-Gil!)), a precious seafoam green rubber Chrisu charm that the moirailsprit bought me when I had to run and call my boss ((I bought her the matching JJ!)), a homestuck patch and void charm that I won at Jeopardy, heart puff pins of Viktor, Yuuri, and JJ I got from mystery packs ((I gave away three others because they were Minami)), a glittery Chrisu pin to match the JJ and Georgi ones I bought for OddLittleBug, and Pokemon trinkets that came with a booster pack I won at a lottery, and an adorable Popplio!

Cool Things:
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockThe Steampunk Ball
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockDaverito
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock$13 spring roll
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockPlaying Just Dance as Viktor and Yuuri at the Omni!
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockAll the compliments from the other really cute Viktuuris >.>
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockArda let me swap my wig out for a different color!!
Bulletteal by kayosa-stockCanon recreation of the chapstick scene ♡

That should just about wrap it up! I can't wait to get to work on my cosplays for the rest of the season and get into the swing of making for this summer!
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Alright guys, here we go. (I haven't posted a journal in about 3 years). First things first, thank you, everyone, who entered the giveaway. Welcome to my page! I'll get right to announcing the winners.

Please do not be discouraged if you did not win.
Now thay I have a good idea of how to run an giveaway on dA, I'll be doing MORE of them. But I'll address that later.

Congratulations to:

I'll be messaging you guys shortly! Thank you for entering and I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful.

I'm sorry. But hey, you'll have another chance! I'll start doing semi-monthly giveaways. I'm already drafting up a giveaway for my birthday in March. ((With possibly 22 winners, hint hint)). On top of that, I intend to so plenty of other types!

:+fav: and :+watch: giveaways
much like the giveaway I just did , only with less steps and no comments. That was ridiculous.

kiriban giveaways
this is a page view give away! Simple right? All you'll have to do is snag a screen shot of your page view number, upload it to you st.ash, and message me.
Let's do our first give away here. If you managed to read this far, snag my 7000th page view and win a deviation.

draw your OC/draw with me giveaways
this is one I'm particularly excited about. This will give me a chance to get in touch with you all and see YOUR art!

extra entries
who doesn't love a chance to increase their odds of winning? I'll start adding features like extra entries for sharing my post or doing something nice for another deviant.

So, all in all, there will be a LOT more chances to win coming soon. Just bear with me ♡

Thank you so much to my beloved moirailsprit,  OddLittleBug for coming up with this idea for a giveaway. As a true deviantart veteran, I'm incredibly thankful for all of your help in my acquisition to this site. We miss you here and wish you the best.
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Just in case nobody knew, OddLittleBug is absolutely fan freaking tastic for all the fantabulous things she does for me like logging into my dA 30 mins before she has to leave to go swimming, dodging pizza slices and lusi attacks!!! All because she is the greatest mofo ever >-> 

This informative journal is brought to you by the hacking of Imri's adoring moirailsprit, OddLittleBug :heart:
                                         Commissions OPEN by MariusOfTheSea

I'm getting back in the swing of commissions after about a year's hiatus! It was a nice break, but it's time to get back to the grind *cracks knuckles* Feel free to message me for quotes or if you have any questions!

    Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Art Commissions
    Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Fursona Commissions
    Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Wig Commissions
    Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Horn Commissions
    Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Custom Character/OC Builder Commissions



:DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock ART COMMISSIONS  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Sketch -- $10 USD
                 En Vogue (WIP) by MariusOfTheSea  Viktor Doodles by MariusOfTheSea
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Color, no back ground -- $20
               Phichit and Ciao Ciao by MariusOfTheSea  Mr. and Mrs. Slate by MariusOfTheSea
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Color, full back ground -- $25
             :.Oh the Adventures We Have in Store:. by MariusOfTheSea  Hence Hope Shines Forth by MariusOfTheSea
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Digital -- 80-500 :points:
             Beyond Eros by MariusOfTheSea  Feferi for  Laurie by MariusOfTheSea

:DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock FURSONA COMMISSIONS  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Badges -- $20 USD
                .: FURSONA BADGE :. TIPSY CANDYPAWS by MariusOfTheSea  .: FURSONA BADGE :. TREASURE SINCLAIR by MariusOfTheSea  .: FURSONA BADGE COMMISSION :. Plastic by MariusOfTheSea
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Reference Sheets -- $20 USD
               .:Tipsy Candypaws:. [FURSONA CHARACTER REFERENCE] by MariusOfTheSea  .:Wem Character Ref:. REDO!! by MariusOfTheSea
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Reference + Badge Combo -- $37 USD
              19512332 1401597106599887 1424657628 N by MariusOfTheSea  19489601 1401597129933218 285455567 N by MariusOfTheSea  19489465 1401597146599883 530858488 N by MariusOfTheSea

:DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock WIG COMMISSIONS  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Cut and Style 
              .:Cosplay Wig:. Viktor Nikiforov by MariusOfTheSea 
Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Splice and Style (i.e. undercuts or thickening a single wig)
              .:Cosplay Wig:. Cecil Palmer by MariusOfTheSea

Prices are based on cost of materials and complexity

:DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock HORN COMMISSIONS  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Small horns -- $20 USD
             19550866 1401607579932173 112377432 N by MariusOfTheSea

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock Large horns -- $30 USD
              19553128 1401607299932201 732123982 N by MariusOfTheSea   19244119 1401607623265502 120075174 N by MariusOfTheSea

  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock  CUSTOM CHARACTER COMMISSIONS  :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock   

Bulletteal by kayosa-stock An OC made by me for You! -- $5 or 80 :points:
             embedded_item1497757715425 by MariusOfTheSea  .:OC Gift:. Florian by MariusOfTheSea  19550987 1401620716597526 1594272571 N by MariusOfTheSea  19489571 1401620279930903 675747734 N by MariusOfTheSea  19489455 1401620713264193 934976615 N by MariusOfTheSea  19489566 1401620073264257 812329211 N by MariusOfTheSea  19551065 1401618639931067 2084765881 N by MariusOfTheSea  19550997 1401619509930980 1010283899 N by MariusOfTheSea